About Dusk

Dusk is an Alt-Rock band from Los Angeles, CA, formed in 2018. The band consists of Aaron Rudin (drums, synthesizers), Trent Rowland (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Alex Madrid (lead guitar, backing vocals), & Michael Rudin (bass).

All of Dusk’s songs are connected through a narrative story, written by the band, which explores themes of utopia, morality, and control. This story is expressed through the lyrics of each song, videos, and interactive campaigns.

Dusk’s unique atmospheric but heavy spin on the classic alt-rock sound tells the narrative of an expansive story in which the characters’ actions and motivations often lie in a grey area between light and dark - this is the significance of the name, Dusk.


Band Members


Trent Rowland - Vocals, guitar

duskatbogies15 copy.jpg

Aaron Rudin - Drums, Synthesizers

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Michael Rudin - Bass, Theremin


Alex Madrid - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals